Forex demo account: what is it and how it will help a novice trader

The path to the Forex market lies through a demo account — Is it really so? After all, every person who wants to conquer the Forex currency market is afraid of only one thing — how not to lower the first deposit “down the pipe” and thereby discourage the desire to trade from the very first day. A demo account (training) will help hone your Forex trading skills. We will talk about it in our new article!

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Forex market indicators: divergence and convergence — choosing the best Forex signals

Divergence and convergence in Forex. What are these indicators and how to analyze them correctly? The essence of these concepts is not so simple. Let's try to unravel the ball by thread. Consider trading on divergence signals and a few applied points. Let's study the auxiliary indicators of the Forex market. Let's make a step-by-step guide to trading on divergence.

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What is a Forex currency pair and what does it represent

The currency pair is the backbone of the forex market. Its very essence. All other factors, no matter how important they are, are essentially secondary. If there were no currencies on the market, there would be nothing to trade, and nothing to analyze. Therefore, it is important to start learning forex with the basic concept of "currency pair". Read about trends, groups, types and analysis of currency pairs in our new article!

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What are time frames in Forex and what ones are better for trading

As you know, the key to trading in financial markets is the development of analytical skills. At the same time, we have to analyze the similar things again and again — the dynamics of the exchange rate. The concept of time frames was mentioned several times in the previous article "What is Forex". So let’s talk a little about the importance of this aspect in our new article.

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Forex — what is it in simple words

Many of you have faced advertisements with the incomprehensible word "Forex". The first association with this word for an ordinary person is some kind of ephemeral and unfamiliar concepts: stocks, stock exchange, Wall Street. The purpose of this material is to convey to people far from the economy what Forex is. Everything is not as difficult as it seems.

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Note for a beginner! TOP 10 mistakes of traders in the Forex market

Forex trading. How to make money and is it worth trying? What are the mistakes beginner traders make? TOP 10 most common mistakes made by beginners at the entrance and at the start of trading on the Forex market. After all, Forex trading is, first of all, trading. Although it is often called a "game", it is by no means gambling. Trading is a business.

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