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Note for a beginner! TOP 10 mistakes of traders in the Forex market

Forex trading. How to make money and is it worth trying? What are the mistakes beginner traders make? TOP 10 most common mistakes made by beginners at the entrance and at the start of trading on the Forex market. After all, Forex trading is, first of all, trading. Although it is often called a "game", it is by no means gambling. Trading is a business.

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What is trading and how to make money on it?

What is trading and how does it work? Trading is a kind of “game”. At first glance, you can find in it a lot in common with sports betting or other gambling entertainment. But in reality, trading is, first of all, an element of the business. In our article, we will take a closer look at making money on the Internet, and trading as the basis of your future capital.

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Who is a broker: in simple terms about what he does

Who is a broker in simple terms? The answer depends on the site on which it is presented. In some cases, it is a person who conducts trades instead of a trader, in others it is the only access to trade. What are the features of these sites? Why does the market need brokers? You will find the answer to these questions by reading the article further!

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Who is a trader and what is trading?

What is a trader and what does he do? In simple terms, this is a person who “playing on the stock exchange” makes a bet and gets a result. He works with various financial platforms, including forex and binary options. Making purchase and sale transactions, he earns on the price difference.

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