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What is lead generation: in simple words about the generation of leads

Due to the sharp leap in the development of the IT sphere and the acceleration of the Internetization of the population, the popularity of services in cyberspace has increased significantly. Online exchanges, binary options, etc. are becoming more and more common. Owners of online sites and stores are increasingly interested in such a process as lead generation. The query "lead generation - what is it?" more and more often flashes in the search engine bar. We offer you a quick insight into the methods of achieving hot traffic and constant influx of active customers. 

Often, due to lack of awareness, an entrepreneur makes a mistake. Buying contacts of potential customers on the exchange, without a second thought, it is accepted to send them advertisements or bother them with calls in the hope of a positive answer. The effectiveness of such actions tends to zero. People do not know the product, the organization, or the seller. And such anxiety is only caused by rejection of the product or service. As a result, significant sums are spent on calls and unnecessary advertising campaigns. 

Buying leads is not difficult, but without the right approach, money can be wasted. The main thing is to attract a real, interested audience, capable of becoming a regular customer in the future. This is what our company is doing. We work in the EU and CIS countries, offering exceptionally hot traffic and customers who are 100% ready to conduct financial transactions.

Speaking about building a customer base, gaining loyal customers and a stable expansion of demand, it is difficult to resist from systematization and highlighting of the basic "laws" and terms.So, a potential buyer is a “lead”, your main goal. In targeting and composing the image of the target audience, it is appropriate to use this particular term. A lead is a user who committed “something” that gave you their contact. The action taken by him may look like an application, subscribing to a newsletter by mail or SMS, filling out a form on the website, etc. 

Generate leads - what does it mean?

In short, attract loyal customers. After all, “buyer” is an extensible concept, by which one can mean anyone, up to a state customer. For a successful existence, business needs to turn a hypothetical buyer into a real one. The real buyer is the lead. There are three types of leads: 

  • cold; 
  • warm;
  • hot.

Let's take a closer look:

  • Cold is a potential customer who has no clear need, as a rule, such people hear about you for the first time. Usually this is a person who first visited the site or is looking at products, services, may have already left their contact information, and you can help him make a choice. 
  • Warm - the buyer has doubts, he has a need, but he is not sure. Your task is to replace doubts with desire, contextual advertising will help you with this. Usually a person already has an idea of ​​his need and knows how to satisfy it. Just persuade him to make the “right” decision. The principle of remarketing is suitable for this. Repeat contextual advertising. Use gimmicks like a call to action or a “personalized offer” promotion. 
  • Hot - the customer is confident in the purchase, you only need to offer him “Exactly what you need!”. The principle of remarketing (repeated contextual advertising) is also suitable for this. The main thing is not to stop. Next time, offer the visitor a new promotion, based on his activity on the Internet. 

There are also unregistered leads - visitors who refused to register without leaving contacts. They also generate traffic, constant site views. It can also be divided into cold and hot. In the first option, visitors visit infrequently and mostly unintentionally - they clicked on the link by accident or made a mistake. Hot traffic is a stable audience visiting the site, ready to leave contacts. True, these visitors still need to be convinced to place an order, purchase, etc. It is in these conditions that companies often have to work. You need to warm up the traffic and collect contacts (get leads) as a result.

Generating leads means working with an audience, to issue advertisements, attract new customers, “warm up” old ones. This is the constant work of the marketing department and the launch of profitable promotions in order to attract the largest flow of the target audience. 

Lead generation is also work with clients (leads) - a potential buyer needs to be won over to your side, “special” offers, for example, discounts or promotions with certain buns, will help you in this. Let's take a closer look.

buy leads lead generation services
You need to collect cold leads first. A person initially does not know anything about your products, he has no need for it, and if he does, he does not even suspect about it. Your task is to push him, raise doubts, convince that he needs your product. If everything works out for you, he will visit your site more often and all the time fall under targeted, and then contextual advertising.

Question "Maybe It will not be superfluous (insert product)?" - this is already a victory. The transition from a cold to a warm state is passed, you have successfully warmed up the client. Doubt is already a victory. A person becomes a frequent visitor, it remains to offer him the desired product.

Hot leads know what they want, they have a need, awareness, it remains to push them to the most profitable offer for you. Lead generation is the flow of audience, the blood in the veins of your business. 

What is CTA in lead generation? Call to action and its use

One of the most striking elements of marketing is the call to action. Most often, the CTA is used in the form of a button on a half-screen with a peremptory “PRESS!”. Messages of this kind cause two reactions: the desire to click on the inscription or to close the site. But the call to action technique can be used more subtly and better. For example, most people who open company pages aren't looking for something specific. They just visit the site out of interest. you can place a button "Action" or "Special offer" that immediately arouses subconscious interest. None of them will flip through the tabs, consider each page of the catalog. Therefore, on the title page, you should place a button neatly inscribed in the design, but attracting attention, the task of which is to transfer the reader to the page you need. 

The button design must meet the following criteria:

  • A familiar design for the button. Not something unusual, but a button as a button;
  • Optimal size. No more, no less; 
  • Bright color in harmony with the main color palette;
  • Supplement with pointing, graphic elements (arrows, hands, etc.);
  • Use no more than 4 colors;
  • Font that matches the one used on the page;

It is important that the CTA implies a free action, for example, activating a discount coupon. It is necessary to clarify the absence of obligations, otherwise the person who has visited your site will simply be afraid to click on the button. It is advisable to mention this directly on the start page. Hint to the visitor about the benefits he will receive if he subscribes to you on social networks, joins a community or group. 

Call to action quickly heats up traffic. People with excitement click on the button, go to the most interesting pages of your site, knowingly agree to take part in profitable promotions and leave contact information. This is how the work with leads continues. Having formed the audience, you need to constantly work with it and generate new ideas. For example, generate quizzes (interesting tests). The person who passed them will receive a discount or take part in the action. 

Within the framework of binary options, you can offer a free (trial) bet for a meager amount. The visitor plays, wins or loses - it doesn't matter, you show him statistics (preferably live) and hint at the chance of winning next time. 

What is lead generation and how does it work?

The terminology associated with expanding your customer base is clear, but how to work with it? It is necessary to determine the principles and methodology for increasing the audience, and recruiting regular customers. "What is lead generation?" - the reader asks a question. This is the process of acquiring new customers. Lead generation methods include:

  • Contextual advertising is advertising for a target audience. It offers a specific product for specific customers and attracts new customers. Heats up potential well. The disadvantages of the method include the narrow focus and high requirements for the content of advertising - the slightest mistake can lead to the loss of clientele.
  • Targeted advertising - the difference from contextual advertising is in the method of selecting an audience. So ads catch the eye not only of people entering a certain request, but of all representatives of the segment of possible clientele. You can determine the required audience by gender, age, social status, etc. 
  • Blog - you can also interest a person with a site with interesting, useful, funny articles or videos. Occasionally, unobtrusive ads may appear among messages. A reader already attracted to you may become interested and become a lead. 
  • Forums and sites - thematic resources can be an excellent advertising platform. Placing contextual advertising on such web resources will instantly attract warm leads and possibly warm them up to hot ones.
  • Lead exchanges - there are platforms that distribute contact information (phone numbers, email addresses) of people interested in certain products / services. The disadvantage of this method is the "cold reception" from hypothetical leads who received messages from organizations unknown to them. 
  • Mailings - despite the low efficiency in customer acquisition statistics and the general opinion of the method as “outdated”, it is too early to write it off. The advertising mailing list is still running. But it takes a lot of effort not to get into open spam and interest a person with a letter. To do this, you need to make the most interesting name for the letter, avoiding lies and "clickbait". Newsletter is not spam for you! 
  • SMM - placing advertising posts on social networks will also help you generate leads, where you can confidently declare that an interested reader will appear sooner or later.

Lead generation, in simple terms, is the creation of hot traffic, which, as a result, will lead to an accumulation of ready-to-buy customers, possibly regular ones. The simplest example is word of mouth. A method (and free), thanks to which visitors can generate additional leads and traffic for you. 

You can find other examples of lead generation by contacting our consultant. Our team will provide you with a ready-made traffic flow and interested clients. You don’t need to look for the best ways to attract customers, reinvent the wheel, spend time aggregating hot customers and finding sites where you can buy leads with the maximum benefit. You've already found the source of targeted visitors!

But the “influx” of clients is not enough to expand the business. Before attracting a stream of targeted visitors, make sure that your Internet site is able to withstand the simultaneous access to the resource of many users. 

The usability of the site and its persuasiveness for the visitor are no less important than the generated hot traffic. Otherwise, the number of views will not turn into sales, the leads will remain warm, the desire to buy will be broken by the inconvenience that arose when using the site. 

It is advisable to introduce “elements of engagement” into the structure of the site or advertising. Such as: 

  • Hook - a dialogue window with a consultant. You may have seen a similar feature on various selling sites. Often a person is lazy to look for the thing or service he needs in the catalog. Save time and win over the hot lead to you. 
  • Sagest - answer options in the dialog box. The visitor does not need to select words to formulate a question. It is enough for him to click on a previously prepared option and wait for an answer. 
  • Quiz - it's a game element. An interactive test, the questions of which should keep the attention of the visitor. The task of quizzes is to collect the necessary data, which at the end of the test will be converted into a ready-made application and will make it easier for the client to find the desired product. 
  • Chatbot - help for a consultant. Its task is to respond to the simplest questions and redirect a person to the catalog pages of interest. Also chatbots solve the problem of night visitors.

Attention should be paid to the technical condition of the page. The site should work quickly and smoothly. Delays or constant technical work will invalidate the PR department's merits and the entire advertising campaign will be wasted. 

Order lead generation services with a quality guarantee

Our team is engaged in attracting hot leads for the financial markets. We offer applications filtered by age and location. 

On our site you will find answers to questions like "lead generation, what is it?" and "how to attract more active customers?" We offer ready-made leads and a constant stream of clients for your business in such areas as: 

  •  forex;
  •  financial markets;
  •  trading programs;
  •  binary options;
  •  individual projects.

Our firm offers services in such countries as:

  • Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus;
  • Poland, Czech Republic, Baltic States;
  • Italy, Spain, Germany; 
  • Great Britain, Sweden, Norway.

It is worth choosing us for several reasons:

  • Quality - thanks to sales funnels, filters, target audience we provide lead generation with high conversion.
  • Quick start - we are looking for potential customers who are initially interested in your offer. 
  • Wide coverage - we provide leads from EU and CIS countries. Effective use of GEO will maximize the attention of visitors.
  • Flexibility - we offer individual terms of the contract.
  • Stable communication - our technical support works around the clock. We are constantly improving the service, please contact us in case of any difficulties. 

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